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Written by Zack MIlls   
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 05:47

fixing the error for "jtablesession store failed DB function failed with error number 1062"



jtablesession-store-failed Has your Joomla site suddenly stoped working and is now returning the error:

"jtablesession::store failed

DB function failed with error number 1062"


The bad news is I've seen it a lot Joomla sites and I've yet to find out why it happens. The good news is fixing a Joomla site after a jtablesession error is easy.


I recommend you backup your Joomla site before you make any alterations to the database settings.


Repairing the jos_session database table will fix this error. Easy if you know Joomla databases. If not, here's how to repair the jos_session database table for Joomla:


The best way is through a browser based application called phpMyAdmin. Find phpMyAdmin by logging on to your account with your webhost provider and look amongst the database tools.





Once you open phpMyAdmin you will see all your Joomla databases listed on the left. FYI In this example the Joomla databases I have install with Simplescripts are seen as _jml(xx) and the Joomla sites I installed using Fantastico are those with _joom(x).




Click on the database which corresponds with your Joomla site. Your only one step away from fixing the DB function failed error.



Find the "jos_session" entry and put a tick in it as shown here (it won't be highlighted until you tick it). You may need to scroll down through the Joomla Database entries to find it.



Click the arrow on the drop-down box which says "With selected:" and then click on "repair table". This will repair the jos_session table and more importantly repair your Joomla site. You will no longer see: "jtablesession::store failed DB function failed with error number 1062"



You should be good to go.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 05:59