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Adding a Image to a Article PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zack MIlls   
Friday, 02 October 2009 01:34

Step 1: Open your Article to Edit it

Open the list of articles and click on the name to open the article in edit mode.


  • Click the Image Button in the Tool bar Joomla2_2


  • This will open a Image Manager Dialog


  • From here you can either select existing images or add new ones, we are going to upload some more pictures for this article.
  • Click this button in the far right of the Dialog Joomla2_4, in the middle right above "Details" Header


  • Now Click the Add Button


  • Select the File and repeat adding each file 1 through 6 in this example.
  • You will see the files show up in the Queue. When you are ready Click the Upload and Wait for each file to upload.



  • You can cancel if you want, also check you have the right option selected in the "Action if file exists"
  • When it is done Click Cancel or the "X" in the upper Right to close the Dialog
  • You will now be able to Select the Image you want to insert in your Article by Selecting it in the middle Section
  • You might need to click the Image more than once, it should fill in the upper portion of the form with the Dimensions and URL


  • CLick or Double clike again to get it to fill in the Info, or click the Joomla2_4 in the far Right "Details" section to fill in the Image info in the upper part of the form.



  • You can then click the "Insert" and it will put the image where your cursor was in the article. You can click the image and click the Joomla2_2 again to edit the image size by changing the Dimensions.
  • NOTE: if you leave the "Proportional" checked you only need to adjust one dimension, it will fix the other one. I normally just adjust width.
  • Click the "Apply" Joomla2_6button in the upper right to save the Article without closing it.




You can repeat the steps as necessary a couple warnings.

  • Do not upload huge files, you might need to edit them with a Image Program like "Piccsa, Photoshop, ...." to reduce there size before uploading them. I normally reduce them to less than 100 dots per a inch. You want the file to be as small as possible without looking bad. The extra resolution is only necessary when printing and will kill your website performance.