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Getting Started With Joomla PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zack MIlls   
Thursday, 01 October 2009 23:44

If you are looking for the very basics to getting up and running with Joomla please start here.

I will be going over the very basics and will be adding more content based on request and or my personeal needs when training several people.

Contact me at


Step 1: Make your first Article

Click "Add New Article" (Upper Left in this Pic)


Form Here the key thing is to fill in the following

  • Title = Article Title this is used searches and certain layouts.
  • Alias OPTIONAL = is used for forming page names in the URL (Link for more details coming soon)
  • Section = Just pick "Uncatergorised" for now (Link for more details coming soon)
  • Published = Pick Yes
  • Front Page = Pick No , you can also pick yes but I will be showing another way to edit this as well, this option tells it show up on the main page or not.
  • Category = Just pick "Uncatergorised" for now (Link for more details coming soon)

Next Type in some Page Content



  • Now Click the SAVE button in the Upper Right (See Image Below) this will save your Article and put it in the list of Articles
  • SAVE


  • After Clicking save you will see your article in the Article list (all content in a Joomla site is based in a Article)


  • Now click the small Red "X" in the column "Front Page" and this will toggle the article onto the front page, clicking it again after it is on the front page will remove it from the front page. This also works in the "Published" column if you want to remove the content from your site quickly.




Step 2: Add a Image to your First Article

Click the name of the Article to open up the Article and Edit it.



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