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Written by Zack MIlls   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 20:19

This is a short write up on some software I have found useful when setting up small networks.


  • OpenDNS :
    • No Matter what your network ends up being I think this is the best service out there for DNS service. I have noticed and have appreciated the service no matter what level or where I set it up.
      • Speed Improvement, there DNS request are faster than ISP which will in turn make your Home and work network react faster.
      • If you set up a account (They offer a free updater tool as well), you can filter out and block unwanted websites. Very Nice.
      • They also offer logging so you can see how many request and to whom the request where made.
  • DynDNS :
    • This company will give you a URL that is dynamically updated to use to access your network. For example they offer * sub domains, you can set up "" to be dynamically updated so you can access your home or work PC using the name instead of the changing IP address.
  • Best Router Firmware
    • If you are trying to keep cost down but need features, take a look at DDWrt, I have been very happy with there firmware performance and feature set. You can do about anything you want. I am currently using the WRT600N with the Mega Package, and I also have several wrt54gl running at several networks. The firmware has a constant interface and runs smoothly.
  • Trend Micro :