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GoGrid Break Down PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zack MIlls   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 20:10

A couple of things before you look at the links. GoGrid charges per a Ram / Hour, this is very different than Amazon. A Ram / Hour is based on 1GB of Ram usage for Each Hour, so a 2GB Server would be double changed but a 0.5GB Server would be 1/2 Charged.

Now that we have that straightened out, look closely at the comparison, Amazon's smallest instance starts at 1.7GB of RAM, since GoGrid only offers an option for 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 GB options it is hard to directly compare but if you chose the closer option of 2GB the prices would all be more than Amazon.

I found there User Interface ok to use and feel it is more geared to a novice user who wants to see a picture of a PC when they start a instance. Looks nice but features wise is way behind what Amazon is currently Offering.
After Launching a Instance and doing some Speed Test using, I have gotten very good connectivity. upload and download seem to be able to get up to around 100mb level.
Other things, setting up the Cloud Storage requires setting up one of the virtual NIC's to be mapped to an internal IP, then mapping a network drive to the URL.
See this link for Details.
Some Screen Shots



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